For  20 years, Teach Yoga have helped many dedicated yoga practitioners to become confident, knowledgeable and inspirational yoga teachers and we can do the same for you.

We’re enrolling now for our Teacher Training course starting in September 2021 and would love to welcome you into our teaching community. 

Course start date:  September 11 2021

This course runs live-online via Zoom.

Please contact us for full details and an application pack.  

The Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course is course taught at weekends and provides you with the experience, tools and knowledge necessary for the multidimensional development of your own practice. Our course gives each teacher trainee in-depth, focused training that first provides you with the tools you need to deepen your own mind-body connection and awareness, rebalance or heal, before learning how to teach to others.

The course includes a solid foundation in asana, philosophy and applied anatomy that provides a detailed, head-to-toe, practical understanding of each subject, to equip you with the confidence to safely teach the wide range of students that may enter the classroom.

Inspired and led by our founder Elena Voyce who is joined by tutors who are experts in their fields. The course comprehensively covers all aspects of yoga teaching and includes a dedicated module on teaching online.

Our Course is built on the following foundations

Technique Labs. These aim to deepen the student’s understanding of postures in their own personal practice and help develop body awareness. They are a fundamental part of the teaching as our inspiration comes from what we know and have experienced. Students should support the Technique Labs through the attendance of regular classes, & wherever possible with the course teachers.

Posture Labs. These provide a deeper focus on each posture, drawing out key teaching points, the benefits, contraindications and anatomical movements, together with suggested preparatory and subsequent postures.

Practicum. These sessions are where students begin to teach in small groups, to develop their experience and confidence

Anatomy, Physiology and Principles of Fitness. These lectures provide students with clear and precise information via presentations and an interactive learning environment.

Yoga Philosophy. The Course provides space and guidance for students to open and deepen their inquiries into this expansive area, focusing on foundational texts as the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Upanishads and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Homework Assignments and Personal Practice. The Course requires Students to set aside approximately 2-3 hours a week for written work and further reading, together with at least two self-practice sessions, to review & practice postures & ideas learned on the course.

Electives. Each student is asked to prepare an independent research project related to yoga and any other topic of personal interest.

Preparations for Teaching. These sessions cover such topics as Health and Safety, marketing and includes a focus on teaching classes online.

Final Assessment. The teaching of a class in the presence of an external assessor.



Yoga class


Our Approach:

From the onset, course tutors keep in focus the importance of physical and emotional anatomical precision to ensure that trainees are fully prepared to teach Yoga safely and effectively that their Yoga journey, together with their students’ is healthy as well as transformational.

Our approach to Yoga contains the seeds of Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (Truth) and Karuna (Compassion) – key ethical suggestions as espoused by Patanjali. This informs both the way we teach our students as well as our trainee teachers.

Physical Yoga Asanas are also taught following the SASSY Method, devised by Elena Voyce.

We’d love to help you take your first steps into the wonderful world of Teaching Yoga so seize the day and contact us here for an application pack or more information.





Level 3

Live-online Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Diploma in Yoga Teaching

Our Level 3 diploma exceeds the International Education Standards set by the Yoga Alliance and results in an internationally recognised teaching certification.

  • 200 hs
  • 10-15
  • Online

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