You, Your Gut, Your Movement Practice-Intensive Yoga Therapy Training with Elena Voyce

This course consists of both in-depth, half day training sessions on Saturdays and additional practical classes on Monday evenings.

Saturdays 10am 1.30pm: November 27 2021, December 11 2021, January 22 2022, March 5 2022, April 2 2022, May 7 2022, June 25 2022, July 2 2022.

Mondays 5.45pm 7.15pm: 29 November 2021, 13 December 2021, 24 January 2022, March 7 2022, April 18 2022, May 9 2022, June 27 2022, July 4 2022.

Join Elena Voyce for the most innovative, unique professional training of this kind.  For many years, Elena has been at the forefront of research and training for cultivating a balanced digestive system which has been featured in publications such as Top Sante Magazine.

After the success of her Introductory Journey To The Gut and the practices you should connect with when suffering from a series of gut issues, Elena has created a wonderful intensive therapeutic training that works for everyone:  For yoga teachers, Pilates Teachers, Personal Trainers, or practitioners who first of all, intend to help themselves to understand how the digestive system works, what the microbiome is, how emotions affect the digestive system and how trauma can create long term digestive issues.

You will learn practices, techniques and sequences that support: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Leaky gut Syndrome together with metabolic disorders and CNS related disorders. You will explore how to expand and create space for the major organs involved in your digestive tract from top to bottom. Practices will also support the imbalances of chronic constipation, nausea, diarrhoea and heart burn.

There will be a daily exploration of your inner posture including meridian and anatomy lines taught from Elenas own approach based on many years of research. You will explore how lines can become weak or overstretched, how diagonal or side lines can become too constricted or short, how spiral lines can become disconnected, how this relates to the chakra system, marma points and how compressed muscular chains can, from postural habit, inhibit the organs and affect the digestive system in ways such as causing lasting constipation or diarrhoea.  Focus will also be dedicated to the balance of the vagus nerve through the breath and emotional reconnection.

Suitable for yoga teachers and those passionate about movement and aligning properly to cultivate an intelligent, functional and reliable gastrointestinal tract, those who are suffering from a digestive condition or who know someone who could be helped by this course.  Also suitable for personal trainers, triathlon trainers, coaches and everyone who is interested in understanding the topic.

Practices will be taught with accompanying PowerPoint presentations based on extensive scientific research, a reading list with information about gut health, the latest research and emotional, rebalancing, vibrational, meditation techniques.

Practices will cover the lines, physiological imbalances and gut conditions together with the emotional conditions that arise from an unbalanced gut such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and how these can be influenced and worsened by an inflamed gut and how that can be changed through practice and/or diet.  While diet is also fundamental, sometimes we are not aware of how we can irritate our gut by practising in the wrong way for example, if you are not in connection with your real core, you cant engage it properly and expect that tightening would relieve or free your gut.

Each training day combines both practical and theory and is structured around a condition or a chronic gut imbalance.

Training days include a lecture followed by practical including sequences for supporting students with each condition during each season of the year. A 15 minute Q&A session will conclude each day.

This course will take place live-online via Zoom

An in house certificate of attendance will be provided. 

Recordings from all classes will be available for 30 days.  


1 Day: £140

Full Course: £480

Early Booking Discount for places booked on or before October 24 2021: £420

Teach Yoga Students enrolled on other courses: £420

Bookings can be made via the contact form or by emailing


By Amy Waring

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