Using Props to Adapt and Evolve with Elena Voyce

The yoga and fitness industries are changing.  The use of yoga props has evolved since they were first developed by B.K.S Iyengar through classical yoga.   Elena takes props to another level, using them to support her SASSY system and showing you how they can become an essential element for creating resistance and for healthy repetition; especially for working towards real core strength and core stability.

If you are interested in evolving yourself as a teacher and student and to see the variety of simple and yet effective techniques using props to be applied to your yoga practice and everyday life and activities, this workshop is for you.

You will also explore using props to teach online in depth and how they become a teacher’s second hand without physical adjustments.

Suitable for yoga teachers, teacher trainees and yoga enthusiasts wanting to deepen their own practice and/ or revise and learn new creative ways to use props.

Cost:  £85

Bookings can be made through the contact form or by emailing

By Amy Waring

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