Teach Yoga offers a unique and motivating teaching and learning environment, here’s a few things that students and participants have had to say about their experience of Teach Yoga

Testimonials for Teach Yoga Teacher Training



What clients say

“I met Elena about 9 years ago. In that time I have been her student and client and I am still constantly impressed and mind blown with her as a teacher and as a person. In all these years I have seen Elena constantly taking what she has developed in her practice and her work and moulding it.

This is one of the most impressive things about her as a teacher. She already knows the body intimately (which in itself I could write so much about!) but still year on year develops her teachings to demonstrate new pathways to help teach people to understand how to reconnect to themselves and to help teachers have a deeper understanding of the body and how to help their own students.

I have learnt so much from Elena not only for myself but for my own teaching not only in yoga but as a coach and in my development as a manual therapist. I can not emphasize enough the influence she has had on me and I would not be the person or the therapist I am today without her influence. I have worked in the sports performance, fitness and Manual therapy industry for over 15 years and I am asked (often by some of the highest recognised people in the industry) where I learnt what I do and from all the training I have done I will always primarily referenced Elena.

She really is amazing at what she does if you ever get a chance to train with her grab it with both hands!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you.  Zoom worked really well!!”


“I just wanted to say thank you for Sunday.  Those poses had an incredibly healing effect on me – I felt my whole body just release into a really deep relaxation.  I haven’t felt such a powerful surrender and rest for a very long time.  I felt so supported and wanted to say thank you for your flexible, individual and caring approach”.


“I just wanted to thank you so much for your time, patience and motivation.  It was amazing to see how every one of us on your course has grown in so many ways.  The changes I have experienced have been truly life changing.  I feel as if I am travelling back to myself after what has been a really tough few years.  I was so frightened.  Thank you so much for facilitating a beautiful healing space with beautiful souls and for giving me the space to breathe and start to reconnect.”


“Last week I was so worried that I was an awful yoga teacher, so this week I asked for feedback from my students and this is what someone just sent me. I had to share just to say THANK YOU for teaching me so well, inspiring my learning and allowing me to develop into a better person and yoga teacher!! How wonderful that you are able to share these skills with so many of us”


“Hi Elena, Thank you so much for an amazing weekend.  Words will never be enough to express what an absolutely amazing teacher and person you are!  Feeling very privileged to be on your course!”


“Dear Elena, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an incredible environment – which allowed this beautiful day.  You are amazing.”


“You have got the most incredible gift – and another incredible gift of knowing how to pass on your knowledge.  Thank you once again!”


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