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Physical Yoga Asanas on our courses are taught following the SASSY Method, devised by Elena Voyce.
SASSY stands for Soften, Align, Strengthen, Stretch, Yield.

S: Soften: Softening and releasing, centering and breath awareness, integrating body and mind and softening blockages, barriers and scar tissue.

A: Align: 360 degree body alignment with the use of props where necessary, promoting healthy joints.
S: Strengthen: Strengthening involves the functional and effective use of an aligned body to strengthen muscles in a harmonised and balanced way.

S: Stretch: Stretching or lengthening muscles safely to bring precise flexibility to muscles without upsetting the vulnerable joints.

Y: Yield: Yielding is about finding ground and foundation. There are many meanings of the word yielding. For us, it is being grounded and supported by nature and being in union with our real Self. It is yoga union as we see it.
SASSY is a teaching methodology that Elena Voyce has developed through thirty years of teaching embodied, mindful and conscious movement.

SASSY is based on scientific principles and is also influenced by Pilates, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique as Elena is also trained in other somatic movement disciplines including as a Pilates teacher.

SASSY helps to bring the speed of the mind and the speed of the body into the same room. When the body is released and aligned properly, you feel more energised and connected.

Strengthening is fundamental on many levels but those who think that they have done a lot of exercise, may have over developed one particular muscle group. Strengthening through the SASSY method cultivates harmonious strength for the whole body and strengthens weaker muscles that can often be overlooked.

Stretching or lengthening muscles, is only effective when it comes after preparing the body through softening, aligning and strengthening.

It is very easy for people to over stretch, and to keep over stretching the same muscles when stretching is not approached correctly. Stretching the body in a misaligned way does not provide any stability for the body and is not beneficial later on in life. SASSY promotes a safe approach to stretching.


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