Be The Change – Modular Evolution Training With Elena Voyce

For Yoga & Movement Teachers and Practitioners

Starts Sunday 7 November 2021

Early Booking Discount Until 22 October 2021

We are delighted to introduce a brand new course that complies the very best of Elena’s experience and research to revolutionise, innovate and evolve your movement and teaching practice.

This brand new course comprises of 5 specialised modules, set over the course of one year. It is for you if you are a yoga or movement practitioner, for your family and community, and for your clients if you are a yoga/Pilates/Movement teacher or Health Practitioner.

Modules Include: 

  • The Heart Of Female Carers
  • A.I.M (Alternative Integrated Movement) For Office Workers – Make Your Cubicle Your Nest
  • The S.A.S.S.Y Method For The Ageless Silvers
  • The S.A.S.S.Y Method For Teens From Compassion To Creative Thinking (The 7 C’s)
  • Evolve Your Movement Practice In Relation To Nature And Nurture

Each module focuses on the needs and challenges of specific populations anatomically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and in relation to environment. You will cover theory and practical that has been designed to heal, support and empower the bodys systems according to the needs of each focus group, not just so that you or your clients can get by but so that you and your clients can thrive with fulfilment and purpose in life.

Modules are a compilation of research and multidisciplinary teaching practice spanning over 30 years. You will learn the most effective techniques, practices and sequences for yourself and/ or so that you can teach specialised practices to your clients that are proven to deliver sustainable, positive results according to need, environment and seasonal change.

There are 2 training options for teachers and practitioners:

Option 1 Full One Year Evolution Training:

Join the year of change, transition, healing and empowerment. Teachers can opt to take a practical assessment at the end of each module to gain an in house Specialist Trainer Certificate for each topic and receive a Spatial Movement Specialist Trainer Certificate upon completion of the full course.

Practitioners and teachers not wishing to be assessed will receive a certificate of attendance.

Option 2 Individual Modules For Self Development or CPD:

You can take modules individually and either receive an in house Specialist Trainer Certificate following assessment or a certificate of attendance.

Full module descriptions and training dates can be found following the links below.


Full One Year Course:

Early Booking Discount for places booked on or before October 15 2021:  £1375

Regular Cost: £1650

Course fees can be paid in full or in monthly instalments.

Individual Modules: Please see the above links to module descriptions for dates and prices.

Students enrolled on this course or individual modules can also take the following course for a discounted price:  You, Your Gut, Your Movement Practice – Intensive Yoga Therapy Training With Elena Voyce

All training takes place live- online via Zoom. 

Recordings from all modules will be available for 30 days. 

Bookings can be made via the contact form or by emailing