Luxury Organic Retreat June 2016

For the special 10th year anniversary retreat Elena Voyce joined forces with Duncan Wong to lead participants in immersing themselves in the constant meditative space of 28 hectares of gardens, trees and woodlands of Umbria, Italy.


Along with inspiring daily yoga practices participants took full advantage of the chlorine-free outdoor pool, detoxing in the Turkish Baths and outdoor Jacuzzi and nourishing their bodies with delicious organic locally produced food which was made into delicious and wholesome meals.

Therapeutic Yoga specialist Elena Voyce is the founder of London based teacher training school Teach Yoga and is also the driving force and inspiration behind other revolutionary programs such as Inspirer: Mind-body training for teenagers living in the digital age. Over the many years that  Elena has been practising and teaching she has had great success in helping her clients to transform their mind, body and their health and wellbeing through her insightful and groundbreaking techniques and approaches to holistic body practices and healing.

Duncan Wong is the creator of the Yogic Arts system which can best be describes as a synthesis of Zen philosophy, healing
martial arts, Ashtanga based yoga and bodywork.

Through their collaboration, this dynamic duo merged their knowledge and expertise perfectly to guide students towards repairing the damage caused to the body and mind from a hectic western lifestyle. Participants were invited to totally retreat from the mayhem and craziness of modern life , to withdraw the senses from the outside world and to learn to completely transform their practice.  Students were guided in ways that would ultimately alter and transform their awareness, taking it to the next level by learning powerful and unique teaching tools and practices that are invaluable both on and off the matt.


By Samantha Doepel

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