Elena Voyce

Founder and Teacher Training Course Director

Internationally renowned Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Elena Voyce PhD, has been training and inspiring people to reach their full potential for over 20 years.  She has run a thriving private teaching practice for several years and has helped many people manage injuries and health conditions, in many cases avoiding the need for surgery.  A regular presenter at the OM Yoga Show, her work has been recognised by the NHS, IYAT and she is also a regular presenter at the BWY Congress.  She is also a Triathlon coach for Triathlon England.

Having been fortunate enough to be introduced to Yoga at a young age in her home town of Bologna, Italy, Elena went on to train, qualify and collaborate with some of the most highly regarded Yoga Teachers in the world and is an E R-Y-T 500 Qualified Yoga Teacher.  Some of the exceptional teachers, Masters and incredible human beings that she has crossed paths with over the years include  Shiva Rea, who Elena assisted for 7 years early on in her Yoga journey, Dharma Mittra, Paul Grilley, Donna Farhi, Johnathan Monks, Ana Forrest, John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, Bridget Woods Kramer, Sienna Sherman, Sarah Powers, Max Strom, Bo Forbes, Duncan Wong, Cameron Shayne, Jason Nemer and Skeeter Tichnor.

Together with her extensive Yoga experience, Elena’s truly functional, innovative and inspirational teaching would not be the same without her Pilates path.  Having qualified with three different Pilates schools:  Future Fit Pilates, The Pilates Institute with Micheal King, and the Pilates Foundation, the mind-body perception of Pilates is something that Elena feels has brought her teaching and practice to a higher level of integration and practical application for healthy body usage for day to day life.

Elena teaches from a place of deep personal experience and feels that despite her academic qualifications, her years of practice, self development, experience, meeting so many incredible teachers and mentors and the constant support and inspiration from all of her students, have been the most influential in where she is today and to her success as a teacher.


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