Inspirer Youth Yoga Teacher Training

Our Inspirer Youth Yoga program is a completely unique, multidisciplinary system for teenagers and young children specifically designed to teach you to address the specific challenges that are faced by teenagers.




We live in a time where children, and in particular teens, are facing challenges unlike any that we as adults faced growing up. And this is set within social and educational frameworks that have remained largely static, systems which as a result are unable to provide the support and nurturing that our youngsters need to move through adolescence into healthy and balanced adulthood.


So what can we do about this?

Join us at Inspirer Youth Yoga and learn a broad array of tools and techniques to guide teenagers through the challenges they face. We focus on all aspects of teen wellbeing and will teach you how to support teenagers through the constant changes they face, so through attention to movement, posture, alignment, nutrition, and psychosocial coping strategies you will learn how to:

Identify and address the causes of stress

Identify and teach coping strategies

Teach adaptability

Teach embodied aware movement


On our Inspirer Teacher Training program you will learn more than just how to teach a class to teenagers, you will learn what it means to be in the mind of a teenager, gain insight into how life affects them and learn how you can help them face their specific challenges with positivity and balance.


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Inspirer - Learn to Teach Teens

Inspirer is a completely unique, alternative, holistic programme that will train you to become a teacher and consultant to teenagers and young children.

  • 60 hours
  • 20
  • Hendon, Private studio

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