Krishnaa Devi

Krishnaa Devi was born and educated in London but left university course in simultaneous translation to hitch hike to India to study Yoga and Scripture.  She studied Yoga in Jagannath Puri and with Sri. BKS. Iyengar in Mumbai and Pune for several years, where she also studied Kathak Dance.

She was the deputy registrar at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London where she studied literature with Sri. Mathoor Krishnamurti. Her translation work keeps her ever more deeply connected to the subject matter.

Now based in the UK, she has been instrumental in teaching Sanskrit and Mudra through Teach Yoga on the teacher training course.   Her speciality is bringing a wider dimension to Sadhana through mantras and mudras.  Following a very bad car accident in 2014, she has used her time to author and publish ten unique books on devotional poetry and Vraja Bhasa:  The language of the land of Vraja where she visits yearly.  She also regularly writes for the Namaskar Yoga Magazine.

She has taught Yoga at many venues including Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, at the Learning Difficulties department of Barnet College, Akademi, The Calthorpe Project, Greenwich Dance Agency and the London School of Fashion and has taught private students and groups across London for over forty years.


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