Gee Gahir

Our seasonal therapy expert Gee brings a treasure trove of holistic therapies & two decades of experience in the NHS to the Teach Yoga Camp . 

Tutored & Mentored by Dr Elena since 2006 as a patient to help relieve a medical condition which completed healed despite the advice from conventional therapies, Gee exemplifies the therapeutic benefits of Elena’s work.

Now a qualified BWY TT Gee actively promotes yoga as therapy through an honorary contract at Barts Health piloting ‘healthy lifestyle clinics’.

In her private practice, Gee advocates a holistic multidisciplinary approach to health and wellbeing, applying natural & seasonal nutrition and naturopathic techniques, shiatsu therapy with meridian (nadi) bodywork & reiki to a decade of private Yoga therapy taught by Elena. 

At Teach Yoga, Gee introduces her bespoke seasonal therapy work by teaming up with Elena in a unique double Master Class course,   Seasonal Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. 

Nature serves as the most powerful healing force, often neglected due to our lifestyles. Seasonal Yoga therapy takes you on a transformational journey of cellular awakening. Experience the true therapeutic power of yoga when you nourish, restore and synchronise your practice with the natural tides. (Gee founder of 2020 Holistic Health) 


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