Teach Yoga Graduate Feedback

Have you wondered what it would be like to train to be a Yoga teacher? Have you thought how this could change your life and your practice?

Read one of our Graduate Interview Questionnaire’s and get an insight into the learning you could gain from the training and the fulfilment you can gain from sharing this learning through teaching.


Graduate Interview Questionnaire

Looking all the way back to the start of the teacher training course, how did you feel about the prospect of becoming a yoga teacher then and how did you transform throughout the training?

I did not think I would be able to teach right after completing the first 200 hours’ training but with the loving guidance and trust in my ability Elena convinced me that I was ready and I took the plunge and started teaching 2 months after qualifying.


How did your yoga practice change or transform as a result of taking the course?

My own practice has changed completely. I now have much better awareness of what is going on with my body and I treat it with more respect and understanding. I have since learned what kind of posture I have and how to improve it. I have suffered from lower back pain for more than 10 years and now understand what the problem is. I had seen my GP about this issue but the problem seemed to be something I had to learn to live with. I am now starting to see improvement in my level of discomfort and it is only because Elena was able to pinpoint the root of the problem. So with self-practice and awareness I am able to help myself and those around me who have also not been able to find satisfactory solutions to annoying everyday discomforts and pain.


Can you tell us about your first, or one of the earliest yoga classes that you taught? How did it go and how did you feel when you taught for the first time?

I felt extremely nervous and was terrified of forgetting what I wanted to say, but it was fine in the end.


Did you specialise in a particular application for yoga or teaching to a particular population? If so, what made you choose to do so?

At the moment I am only teaching females between the age of 30 and 50. I wanted to bring yoga to those who are not comfortable going to a gym or think that they are unsuited to yoga because of their body type or because they have never done it before. I believe yoga is for everyone, not just the slim and flexible.


How have your teaching practice and classes grown since you first started out as a new teacher?

I have only been teaching continuously for 8 weeks but find that I need to do less and less prep and also that I am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable as most students tend to come on a regular basis so I must be doing something right.


Has your yoga practice helped you to overcome any challenges in your life and is there one that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us?

My practice helps me deal with depression, anxiety and self-acceptance. Through mindful self-inquiry and feeling my body respond when I pay attention to its needs has been a revelation.


Has there been a highlight of your teaching career so far?

The trust I can see in my students’ eyes has been a huge surprise and delight to me. It makes me feel like they are getting the benefits that I so desperately want to share with anyone willing to give it a go.


What do you find fulfilling about being a yoga teacher?

That I can bring yoga to those who would not normally feel comfortable to give it a go and them actually coming back for more.


We’d love to have you join our joyful teaching community! To find out more details have a look on the website course pages or contact us for more info via the contact form or email info@teachyoga.com

By Samantha Doepel

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