Motherhood & Teaching- Elena reflects on both and how they are intertwined

Motherhood & Teaching

I’ve been thinking about Mother’s Day and wanted to share these thoughts, I think every day should be a celebration of the self, and by extension a celebration of being a mum with all the growth, learning and beauty that it brings- even if sometimes this is through difficult times and negotiating tough things.

I am incredibly grateful to the universe for making me a mother.  I started very late in this beautiful process but I feel so blessed because it is by far the most exciting journey, definitely the one where I’ve encountered the biggest questions and the biggest challenges but also the one with the biggest amount of satisfaction. Becoming and being a mum is definitely the journey that allows me to learn the most because I’ve never been a mum and learning every day how to be a mum is quite exciting. I don’t find it exhausting, I find it exhilarating and yes sometimes you have moments of having to think deeply but these moments are also therapeutic and fulfilling.

So my thoughts go out to all the mums I’ve trained, all the mums who have become teachers, all the mums who came on this journey with me- whether they were pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant or whether they became pregnant during the course or they were already mums with children at home (especially those with youngsters waiting at home for them whilst they did the course). My heart really goes out to you girls, you went through courses of one or two years, or even more for those who followed me through for more therapeutic work; you balanced everything, you made things work, you attended courses and did the coursework and you never complained. So I take my hat off to you, and I bow down in front of you all and I thank you from my heart for the amount of satisfaction that accompanying one another on this journey has brought, one of the biggest learning curves I experienced was from watching you and realising that you can actually still do everything when you have children. I learned that children empower you; you do that course, you consciously take that journey yourself to be a better mum, to be a more supportive, calmer, understanding mum.

I’ve trained so many mums in my therapeutic practice and private teaching, and in Teach Yoga I’ve trained mums to become teachers. Some have excelled at yoga and building phenomenal careers, some have excelled in attending the course and coming through it deeper and stronger but all have done this whilst at the same time being phenomenal mothers. Some have had amazing support from partners and some have been single mums, some are doing it all over again, some are already mother of 2,3 or 4 children but all are an inspiration, I feel very very honoured to have crossed my life with yours.

Being a mum has taught me and enlightened me, it has made my sensors and my vibrations go even deeper. I have noticed by being a mum that every connection you have with your child develops at so many levels and allows you to go and search for yourself inside. For the mothers of one child, of two children, of three children, for the mothers of four children, for mums of ten, and even of eleven children, these mums that I see every week- some even over 10 to 17 years- you all deserved to be celebrated. I hope you take the time to celebrate yourselves every day and for every day of your life, not just because you’ve given life to someone else but because you make that person be the most special person every day.  Your love for your child comes from the purest space, whether you give them a lot of time or a little time it doesn’t matter, because that time that you give to your child is the most special precious time that they have;  it educates them and gives them encouragement and support for their life.

And so I celebrate you all as teachers, because as a mum you teach and lead by example every day. And I celebrate those that add teaching yoga to the fulfilment that a family offers you; I applaud you for your strength, your unfailing devotion, your compassion, your caring, for finding balance and for the incredible pleasure you contribute to your world every day.  I celebrate you for finding your way to share this as teachers, to pass on what you have learned in all spheres of your life, for being all that you can be and for showing that all things are possible.


By Samantha Doepel

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