Feel to Heal Workshop with Elena Voyce The Water Element

Feel to Heal Workshop with Elena Voyce The Water Element – Sunday 4th December – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

What can we do in our practice, on and off the mat, to truly flow like water? As we are entering winter, our focus will be around the genitor-urinary system which has the dual function of reproduction and cleaning the body of undesired waste products.

Sometimes we think that a class based on hip openers can do the trick and that some compression and expansion can truly create internal space. Would this approach however, work for everybody? Which muscles do we need to acknowledge to support our natural filtering system?

Our water system is home to the second chakra and is affected by guilt, fear and insecurity which can make us feel as if there is something unbalanced inside us.

In the morning Elena will take you through different asanas and sequences that will help you to connect to the water element, remove toxicity, find forgiveness, and remove resentment towards your words and actions and lack of self belief so that you can fall in love with yourself again.

The afternoon will be a continued journey and deep analysis of the muscles involved in protecting the bladder and kidneys, exploring how to align them and how to increase the functionality of these organs in different personality and body types.

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By Amy Waring

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