Understanding Your Fascia from the Inside Out - BWY Masterclass with Elena Voyce

Live-Online British Wheel of Yoga Masterclass

September 19 2020, 10am – 4pm

In this masterclass, you will liberate your fascia from the inside out and reconnect to your inner freedom, inner energy and inner strength.

Fascia is a fascinating web made of many memories, stories, emotions and trauma which is so influential to our moving life ( anatomy ), and to our resting/digesting life ( physiology ), to our thinking life ( cognitive awareness ), to our emotional life ( mood ), and to our behavioural life (physical and emotional coping strategies).

Elena has been fascinated with fascia and how to keep its tone, elasticity and qualities, year after year.  You will discover how yoga can keep it youthful and functional and how we as teachers can encourage our students to take proper care of it through functionally stretching it with yoga asana.  You will discover when the best time to work with fascia is and how frequently (time of day and month), types of release including through breath and Elena will introduce her new props which have been designed by her and which she will introduce for the first time in this masterclass.

Think SASSY:






Come to deepen your knowledge and understanding, enjoy, feel, practice enquire and share with passion and enthusiasm.

At the moment this is a Live Online event on Zoom. If guidelines change we will be very happy to run it in person. We will send updated information closer to the date.

Bookings for this event can be made here

By Amy Waring

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