Starts June 2021

With its modern application of the ancient wisdom of Yoga over a period of 5 months, this live-online course will help you to develop the self-belief, knowledge and skills to confidently and safely develop your own unique teaching style. With live sessions, recordings and a detailed course manual, you can take this course from the comfort of your own home.

The course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach Hatha Yoga proficiently, professionally, safely and clearly to adults and to design and deliver appropriate, safe and effective class programmes for a variety of clients either in groups or as private one to one clients.

This course is led by Sector Director Rowena Karaman who qualified with Elena Voyce herself over a decade ago. Since qualifying, she has developed an outstanding, intelligent and supportive teaching practice.
Rowena is a stickler for detail and precision. She has an eye for alignment and movement awareness. It is a passion of hers for others to be able to experience freedom, space and alignment with the physical and emotional body. An experience she believes is unlike any others.

As the Principle Tutor of the course, Rowena is joined by a team of tutors who are experts in the fields of asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and philosophy and who have over 100 years of combined teaching experience both in the UK and internationally.

The investment that you make into our training will not leave you with just a paper certificate. It is an investment into making true progress with your own yoga journey; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will open up new opportunities for yourself both on and off the mat through taking a course that is designed to give you the practical tools and experience necessary to prepare you for a lasting teaching career.

This course is not for the most flexible, or those with the most physical strength, it’s for anyone who wishes to take the time to understand themselves from a cellular level.

Through a very detailed approach, we are able to connect to the smallest of muscles, access deeper into our own body through breath and awareness, whilst experiencing a deeper connection to our own being. From the space we are able to create internally, we can then take the time to expand outwards.

The course is based around Elena Voyce’s SASSY principles: Soften, Align, Strengthen, Stretch, Yield.

By the end of the course, not only will you be able to apply the benefits of these principles to yourself, but you will be ready to share the principles with others. Empowering yourself to empower others to live a life in physical and emotional balance. This is yoga.

Why Choose to do your Teacher Training Course Online?
Online training makes learning more convenient, less time consuming and financially affordable.
Doing your yoga teacher training in the comfort of your own home also increases the chances of you creating a daily, personal practice. By sorting an area or environment that you dedicate your learning to, improves the chances of creating positive, long term habits. We know that when practitioners first work on themselves, they are more likely to be confident in sharing their knowledge to others as well as being more self aware within themselves and with any guidance that they can offer.

Visual presentations accompany lectures and you will a receive a detailed and comprehensive training manual that covers everything you have learnt in the sessions.

Recordings are also available, enabling you to revisit and review content in your own time so that you can process information at your own pace and catch up if necessary.

You are also given 3, 30 minute question and answer sessions directly with the Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology tutors providing personal mentoring at no extra cost.

Homework assignments are completed in your own time at your own pace. We set deadlines as guidelines but you are able to manage and balance your own workload with your other responsibilities.

Teach Yoga pride themselves in offering small group sizes so that all participant needs are met. Rowena’s online set up allows for a great audible and visual set up. She is able to see everyone individually and as a group… and the best bit… every session is recorded so replays and revisits to previous sessions for course participants are available.

Rowena has worked with many 1-2-1 clients, small group classes and large corporate training sessions online for the last six years, since her move from the UK to Dubai. She has, and continues to, work on providing the best experience possible.

For an application pack include a brochure, the full training dates and prices including instalment options please use the contact form or email


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