British Wheel Of Yoga Accredited Diploma in Yoga Teaching

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Our British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Training is a longer, 24 month course where you pick up the foundational Yoga Alliance 200 hour certificate along the way.  Students on this course benefit from BWY membership which includes their student-teacher insurance, allowing you to begin teaching once you feel ready whilst also enjoying the support of your tutors and fellow students.

After completing the full 11 month Yoga Alliance syllabus, students go on to focus on specific applications of yoga, equipping them with the knowledge and experience to teach to a wide variety of students, more specialised populations and provide effective one to one teaching programmes.

A short overview of topics covered in the second stage of training include:

The Application of Yoga as Therapy for Back Care:

  • Basic principles
  • What is your back telling you?
  • The language of symptoms
  • Back pain – a social dis-ease
  • The many causes of lower back problems
  • Functions and problems of intervertebral discs
  • The value of breath and movement in the process of healing
  • How to work with sequestered and herniated discs in class teaching and in a private setting
  • Stages of recovery
  • Assessed and monitored teaching practice

Massage to Assist Asana:

  • Personal boundaries
  • Intention
  • Leaning/ stacking bones
  • The body as a guide
  • Breath
  • Sensitivity

Mudra as Therapy:

  • The mode of efficacy of mudras together with the concept of the five elements of the body
  • How these are accessible and tangible through the juxtaposition of the fingers and hands and their combination with basic Pranayama methods
  • Recognising mudra as a pleasingly simple method of Pratyahara/ Dhyarana/ Dhyana and their place in the Ashtanga Yoga Vidhi of Sri Patanjali
  • Pondering on their ease of practice for those less physically able
  • Application of mudra technique to common ailments both physical and mental

Yoga for Stress and the Adrenal Glands:

  • Understand what stress is
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stress
  • Understand the physiology, causes and effects of stress
  • How to evaluate stress
  • Learn effective, practical skills to support your yoga practice including mindful breathing and nutrition

Inspirer – Yoga for Children and Teenagers:

  • This module is an introduction to stress in adolescents
  • You will be introduced to adolescent psychology and anatomy and how it differs to adults
  • Teaching practice including preparing a class for teens and class for children

Introduction to Posture:

  • Where is all began; how we are evolving
  • The world is changing, so too is our posture
  • Isometric resistance against gravity
  • The body and breath as the best teachers
  • Your posture, your story, your practice, are you ready to change?
  • What is ‘good’ posture?
  • What does your posture say?

Pregnancy and Breath:

  • Breath awareness, attention and understanding the support of the breath throughout pregnancy
  • The full potential of the breath

Yoga for Success:

  • Practicalities of being a Yoga Teacher, including insurance and self employment.




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BWY Accredited Diploma

If you are looking for a teacher training to start you on your new career path, our British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Diploma in Yoga Teaching course offers a 24 month training course with a combination of outstanding benefits.

  • 24 Months
  • 5-10 Students
  • Hendon, London, UK

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