Rejuvinated Purpose- Elena speaks of rediscovering purpose and learning through embracing

My feelings for today are these; today I experienced a returning, and through this a finding and acknowledgement of growth and embracing my rejuvenated purpose. Whilst I am always in a state of awareness, today I had my body specifically tested for proportion, alignment, shift, tilt, and this after some time has passed, and it is apparent to me and even to people who knew me 15 years ago, that my body has never looked this together, or been this strong, my heart and kidney lines are open and I feel grounded and connected.

I know that this may not make a lot of sense for some of you, but I can tell you that as I have just reached the tender age of 47, I feel I belong to myself and I’m freer and stronger than I’ve ever been. I can still do all the crazy things that I’ve always loved which are part of my empathic, giving, fluid lifestyle. Feeling so grounded and at the same time so open is something that really gives me the best feeling, and the best feeling is that I know I’m achieving this and so I can invite everyone around me and that follow me- my students, my patients, my clients, my friends- to feel connected to that part of themselves that is giving them the best anchor to start from, to work from, to grow from.

I don’t like to call the people I see and teach ‘clients’ because in reality they are students who have invited themselves to go on a path of discovery and are opening themselves up to a learning and growing experience, so they are all students. So when I look at a student I always, always, look for the positive as a point from which to move. I do this because I look at myself and my path and I realise that when I was twisted, skinny, tilted, in pain and with organs collapsing, it was by connecting to the beautiful positive element I had in myself that I could grow and move forward on the path towards healing and balance.

I always felt very lucky that I could take particular shapes and forms and that I could move my body so easily through the breath, it was (and is) because I am open to change and by embracing these things that I understood that I could change the shape of my body to bring my body and my organs into a better place, towards alignment, balance and harmony.

And I did it. So if I did it that means that everyone else can do it. So it was lovely to go back today and to reconnect to myself at a deeper level. And it is a wish that I hold dear to help you and everyone else that wants to join us in what we are doing, to help you to reconnect to yourself and go back to a beautiful place where you feel confident, strong and in harmony with the universe.

By Samantha Doepel

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