British Wheel of Yoga Congress 2019- reflecting on Elena's Gut, Back and Assisting & Adjusting workshops

Teach Yoga at the BWY Congress- a summary of the workshops


What an amazing two and a half days! I really enjoyed it, and the British Wheel of Yoga never ceases to surprise me and in particular the type of welcoming, support and love that was offered along with the willingness to learn and the thirst for knowledge, it is unbelievable. My mission is to inspire people to be healthy and to be living life to their full potential and I hope also to inspire people to know about themselves because knowing yourself at a very deep level is so rewarding and fulfilling.  These British Wheel yoga teachers are remarkable, some of them have been teaching much longer than I have, some probably for 40 years, and they’re so open-minded and so happy to be there; they’re full of compliments and reaffirming comments and they have the biggest amount of curiosity and are always asking for more. When you go to a convention of this type what you are inspired to do is to inspire yourself to inspire them even more.


Below is a summary of the workshops and these are all things that we will be discussing and exploring over the next few months in more detail so stay tuned and join us on this exciting journey of exploration into the body!


How your Practice Can Nurture, Clean, Connect and Revitalise your Gut. This presentation was a great success and had a big impact on many of the participants who came to me for days after saying that they had already taught their sister/husband/friend what they had learned. There was an overall consensus that what I presented makes so much sense, these were things that people hadn’t been thinking about but have already started applying it in their lives.

The amount of curiosity around the topic was incredible, I know that at the moment the topic of ‘the gut’ is pretty trendy but it’s not a new topic for me or one that I started only a few months ago in preparation for this presentation. Already in 2015 I was in Top Santé magazine with an article about the gut (link is below), the gut is something that I’ve always been incredibly passionate about. The title of the magazine article was not about the gut but rather about the ‘stomach’ because unfortunately people think more about losing their stomach than looking after their gut. As a result of this presentation I have received invitations from all over the country to present workshops on the gut and again what surprises me is the willingness to expand and embrace the new, new research  and different applications and different movements.


Lean in: A Functional Approach to Safe, Encouraging and Therapeutic Adjusting and Assisting. This ‘Feel to Heal’ class was very powerful. The comments were that people had never expected an hour and a half to be so transformative. What made this really fulfilling for me is that due to my well-honed skills developed over all these years I managed to enable people to connect to themselves even in the short time span of one and a half hours. They are all teachers and so are body-aware, but the surprising thing was managing to get them to feel the connection to their back body. And on top of this the overarching sense of trust allowed people to become very emotional, very alive, even those that are usually stuck in their places. Amazingly when I did the workshop about the back the day after I had half of this group showing up and squeezing in.  It was transformative; the energy in the room was very powerful and really remarkable considering that it was an 8.30-10.30pm class!


Your Back – Your Yoga. This class was optimistic because I decided to focus not only on the muscles in the prepared presentation (which was already rather a lot to take on board) but also to extend the focus to include the standing, bending, lying down issues of the lordotic people and the flatback people in the room and so it ended up with me teaching two micro-classes. The one class was strategy –based where I did a demo on the floor of how I would help someone with a lordotic curl. In this portion of the workshop we looked about 8 different strategies of applying the specialised principles that I have developed over years. The second micro-class was the strategies for the flat-backed people in the group and that was also interesting. It was truly appreciated, truly “wowsy”, with the feedback again being that people hadn’t expected to learn so much in an hour and a half. It was a really beautiful session;, the participants made me feel good, they made me feel welcomed, they made me feel as if they want more of this and I encountered a constant willingness to be open to everything.


So that’s that the BWY is for me at the moment, not just the 50 years of history and wisdom and congruency of what yoga is, but a place that is expanding and growing mentally, energetically and in the universal. I came away feeling so very happy about the whole experience, my heart feels amazing and I feel very invigorated and for that I am all gratitude!





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By Samantha Doepel

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