Yoga for Stress and the Adrenal Glands with Gee Gahir

‘To restore balance, we must learn to align our practice and lifestyle prescriptions to the Natural order. There is a time to rest and play, a time to nourish & restore, a time for stillness and silence.’ Gee 

We are a nation of stress addicts living on our adrenals until we reach a state of exhaustion. Have you been guilty of running on ‘empty’? How many of us feel a state of collapse approaching 3pm? Common symptoms of adrenal exhaustion include TaTT(Tired all the time), ungrounded, depression, anxiety, allergies, inflammation, aching muscles & joints, low blood pressure, back pain, lack of libido and fertility issues.

Winter is the time to slow down, find time for respite and nourishment, however, the festive season brings about its own stressors that tax our adrenal system further. According to Natural therapeutics, Winter is the optimum time to nourish our adrenals and preserve our ‘Jing’ (energy store), which contrary to western medicine, fulfil a far greater role in maintaining our health, vitality and longevity.

Caring for our selves and finding ways to handle our stressors are vital practice for assuring our long-term health and key aspects of prevention.

Gee invites you to experience a holistic approach to nourishing the adrenals and water element through an exploration of meridian body work integrated with yoga, nutrition and naturopathy. Learn how to unlearn the physiological stress response and undo the patterns that manifest as impressions on the body/ mind / emotions.

Treat yourself to a day of holistic nourishment to Kick start your New Year.


 ‘The art of healing does not focus on what needs to be done, but more on what needs to be undone’ Gee

  • Understand what stress is
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stress
  • Understand the physiology, causes and effects of stress
  • How to evaluate stress
  • Learn affective, practical skills including yoga, nutrition,yoga, mindful breathing designed to empower your clients to cope with stress better
  • Perform and teach effective techniques

Meet our Workshop & Classes Masters!

Yoga for Stress and the Adrenal Glands

This workshop is perfect for teachers and non-teachers, simply anyone who wants to know more about stress and how to deal with it.
20% discount for teach yoga graduates and prospective teacher training students

  • January 14th 2017 10:00am-6:00pm
  • 20
  • Hendon, Private studio

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