Self Respect, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, New Year: New You? Really!

Winter is a beautiful time of year and for our natural clock it is a time to nurture, recover, relax, replenish and appreciate. Animals are in hibernation, so why should we fight with our body and over activate our sleep system by burdening ourselves with the ideals of New Year’s resolutions that often don’t match our needs during this time of year?

Do we really need to move fast to warm up? We seem to be of the impression that if we don’t do too much, we are not good enough and therefore we don’t deserve success. Instead, could we just follow a very deep, healing and warming practice that has the capacity to truly strengthen us from a deep place of connection?

Elena will teach a series of four exciting and innovative classes which will help you to understand the different types of blockages in the main parts of your body, including the relevant organs related to each part:

Lower Limbs:

Explore the power of the lower legs in your practice; in standing poses and daily to day movement, including the function of the tibialis and peroneus muscles.  Lean the importance of grounding the foundations of the body properly, how this can cultivate freedom for the body as a whole and how you can retain the messages of the practice after you leave the class environment.


You will focus on the ‘most wanted’ muscles of the PSOAS and uncover how to truly and kindly allow them to open and guide you towards a place of natural ease for the year.   The main focus will be on hip openers.

 Central Core: 

Balance, integration and fluidity of action and reaction all come from the multidimensional structure of the core; where the front, back, upper and lower facets work in relation to each other.  How can we find these muscles to allow them to communicate freely?  Does a strong core equate to a healthy and strong lower back?  The main pose focus will be forward bends and back bends.

 The Upper Trunk:  

Discover the secret quality of the upper trapezius muscles and its relevant application to inversions.

How can we feel strong, safe, confident, supported and balanced when we are upside down without becoming breathless, tight, and blocked from within? The main focus will be on inversions and arms balances.

Each class contains the methods and very effective systems that have been developed by Elena Voyce over the years which include:

– Feel to Heal


– Back to Back



Why ‘Feel to Heal’?  So much time is spent training and educating the body to perform beautiful shapes and postures in Yoga.  Let’s take our time to go inwards and detoxify our system from hidden and not so hidden blockages and scar tissues, so that we can manifest our full potential from within.

“I love teaching and feel so passionate about inspiring, supporting and educating yoga teachers on their personal journey.  I live and breathe the feel to heal path. I am also incredibly devoted and enthusiastic about teaching people how to feel and heal themselves, empowering them with positive, felt, anatomical and emotional connections”.  Elena Voyce


We will explore three different sequences in each class that are based on my RASS system, (Release, Align, Strengthen, Stretch), in order for you to truly connect to your unique personality and to liberate the known and unknown barriers and stagnations that we all develop from habit or addiction.


The philosophy behind ‘back to back’ is very simple. Sometimes in life, we need to understand ‘the why’,  ‘the how’ and ‘the when’ moments, during which we get frustrated with our life’s events.  We need to go back and reconnect to our being and start from understanding how we can reconcile with our body first,  understand how our posture tells a story and how the alignment of our spine conditions so many other parts of our body and our being. ‘Back to back’ is not just about curing your back problem but it is about understanding how acknowledging the simple structure of our spine and the alignment  of our body can bring solutions for so many different issues and hurdles in our life, from the anatomical to emotional ones.

Each class will have a constant emphasis on the movements of the spine, postural types and symmetric and asymmetric compensatory patterns.

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Elena Voyce

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Self Respect, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, New Year: New You? Really!

Great for all teachers and student teachers wishing to learn more about themselves.
20% discount for teach yoga graduates and prospective teacher training students

  • January 8th 2017 10:00-6:00
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  • Hendon, London, UK

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