Inspirer for teachers and movement specialists

Teach Yoga and Inspirer’s Elena Voyce, Amy Fielding and Jesse Saunders will be leading a workshop on their new programme; ‘Inspirer’, this December in London.

Do you understand why you’re teaching what you’re teaching?

So much is said about mindfulness and being in the moment these days but how do you facilitate this integration?

Ask yourself why you are teaching and what you are teaching to yourself and others?

Is the practice delivered with a purpose that goes beyond the physical impact?

Come and join us for this workshop, which will act as a perfect complement to any teacher’s tool box. (Yoga, pilates and movement specialists) Go deeper than just the physical poses, sequences and choreography. Explore the connections between physical movement and the mind and how different disciplines can be used to complement one another.

10:00-11:30 – Elena Voyce, the director and creator of Inspirer will introduce you to the links between the body, injuries, blockages and their effects on the mind.

Discover classic blockages our society experience due to the many stresses we face in this fast paced world. be taken through sequences that follow Elena’s RASS system in order to release and thereby feel more in order to make changes and heal faster.

11:30-12:30 – Jesse Saunders is our lead creator for partner work in Inspirer and will spend this hour taking you through fun and brilliant partner exercises. Experience the wonderful way that partner work breaks barriers in class and therefore, makes you freer to go deeper in poses and in your body.

12:30-1:30 – Amy Fielding, the manager of Inspirer and co-creator of the classes will take you through a 1-hour class just as an Inspirer teacher would teach to teenagers. Discover the benefits of multi-disciplinary practice and see how helpful it can be to link what your body is doing to what your mind can achieve. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew and take something away that will aid in developing your own practice and your students.

Inspirer for teachers and movement specialists

This workshop is perfectly suited to anyone teaching movement and wanting to find some new and exciting ways to teach.
20% discount for teach yoga graduates and prospective teacher training students

  • December 3rd 2016 10:00-1:30pm
  • 20
  • Hendon, London, UK

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