Bridge the Gap Classes: Yoga as therapy for proper strength

With Elena Voyce at The Laboratory, Spa and Health Club, Mill Hill, Hall Lane, London, NW4 4TJ.  

Instead of learning anatomy from a book or the internet, we are going to help you to put it into real context in relation to moving into positions and poses; not just in a yoga practice but also in day to day life. This series of workshops will:

Help you to create connections within the working body as a whole to support alignment and proper form both on and off the mat, in the yoga studio or in the gym.

 Facilitate the understanding of how the body naturally responds to both physical and emotional challenges and how it creates compensatory patterns which can contribute to chronic and acute injuries.  We will also look at how this relates to emotional and behavioural habits and addictions.

Bring a clear understanding of the connection between strength, conditioning and yoga.   

We will be moving towards being stronger, protected from injury and able to move better without pain and compensatory movement patterns. 

All classes are suitable for all levels of experience. 

If you are a teacher or personal trainer you will be able to see and understand what your clients need to truly access in order to properly apply the most functional, effective and safe stretches.

CLASS 1 Sunday 23 April:

Find your power in strengthening standing yoga poses and find out how they can help to improve your performance in other gym activities, sports and everyday life.  You will also explore how the proper application and understanding of functional movement can help to strengthen and heal injuries such as ankle injuries and conditions like plantar fasciitis. 


CLASS 2 Saturday 29 April 

Explore hip strengthening and opening yoga poses that work the four main muscle groups that protect and activate the degrees of motion required for balanced hips on and off the matt.  We explore how therapeutic yoga can help to heal or prevent injuries and conditions affecting the hips and pelvis. 


CLASS 3 Saturday 13 May 

In this invigorating class, you explore and strengthen your core control and explore how to use it effectively not just in yoga or pilates classes and exercise but in day to day life.  You will also explore how the proper application and understanding of functional movement can help to heal and prevent injuries to the lower back, scar tissue in the quads and digestive health conditions.


CLASS 4 Sunday 28 May

This class will focus on the heart and the main muscle groups that protect, support, respect and reinvigorate the heart’s functions through balancing poses and backbends.  You will also explore how yoga therapy can help to heal and prevent breathing issues, upper back problems, shoulder and neck discomfort, and wrist weakness.

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Bridge the Gap Classes: Yoga as therapy for proper strength

Classes with Elena Voyce at the Laboratory and Spa on the 23rd, 29th April and 13th and 28th May.

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  • The Laboratory and Spa, Hendon

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