Therapeutic Training – Seasonal Yoga Therapy

Are you ready to evolve to a deeper practice of self realisation? Are you tired of following the status quo , faddy diet plans, envogue detox diets? Have you reached a point where you have mastered your asana’s and want to experience the spirit of Yoga ? or perhaps you’re simply seeking to specialise your craft by becoming a therapeutic yoga teacher?


What is Seasonal Yoga Therapy**

The root or source of all traditional and oriental teachings, including Yoga, arises from Nature. Ancient wisdom reminds us that there is more to us than the subtle or physical body. It ignites an awareness that cultivating a life in tune with nature plays a pivotal role – perhaps delivering the greatest mastery of self development compared to any man made discipline.


The Teachers

Seasonal yoga therapy teacher training is a collaboration between Elena Voyce & 2020 Holistic Health founder, Gee Gahir. Collectively their unique specialities and expertise introduce a new refreshing concept of natural healing, empowering you with the essential skills and tools to deliver a unique therapeutic holistic care model – attuned with the most powerful chi-source, Nature.

Prepare to experience a new dimension of self exploration – crafted by Nature, a seasonally attuned model of therapeutic healing.


Course structure

The four pillars of seasonal therapy*

  • Yoga therapy
  • Naturopathic techniques
  • Meridian / Nadi science
  • Food therapy

Delivered over 18 months.

100 contact hours of Seasonal therapy* philosophy delivered by Gee, providing the infrastructure to seasonal therapy, including naturopathy , seasonal food therapy and meridian / nadi bodywork.

200 contact hours with Elena integrating the seasonal philosophy within yoga to enhance your practice, and explore therapeutic application to body types and common conditions.


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The course is designed to be experienced as a journey of self- exploration through the seasons. The body never lies, and always does everything it can to survive, communicating signs and signals of physical, emotional and psychological dis-stress. Nature assists in achieving equilibrium seasonally.



Yoga therapy helps you to organise your skeletal architecture  – seasonal therapy provides the gateway to interact with the natural chi-forces to implement change at a subtle energetic level.

  • self development
  • toolbox of multidisciplinary techniques
  • ability to read body types
  • deep connection with nature, and ability to forecast patterns of dis-ease
  • heightened sensitivity and engagement with your self, nature and society
  • back to basics approach to healing with confidence to provide holistic lifestyle changes and therapeutic advice



*disclaimer Seasonal therapy is a product and service developed by Gee Gahir, © 2010 – all rights reserved 2020Holistic health

** Seasonal Yoga Therapy is a product created by a collaboration between 2020 Holistic Health & Teach Yoga specialist knowledge & expertise © 2016 all rights reserved

Meet the course teachers

Level 3

Therapeutic Training - Seasonal Yoga Therapy

The therapeutic training is a wonderful course for already qualified teachers if you are planning teaching privately and want to know how to truly heal your clients.

  • 500 Hours
  • 10-20 Students
  • Hendon, London, UK

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